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Philosophy Optional Complete Materials

1. Dutta and Chatterjee – Indian Philosophy – Paper 1 – Part B – Complete   Click here to Download
2. Social-Political Philosophy Complete Material (Patanjali IAS Institute) Paper 2 – Part A   Click here to Download
3. Philosophy of Religion Complete Material (Patanjali IAS Institute) Paper 2 – Part B   Click here to Download
4. Complete Philosophy Material (Handwritten notes of 2015-AIR 150) by Mitras IAS   Click here to Download
5. IGNOU – Philosophy Material     Click to Download
6. Philosophy Topper Strategy     Click Here
7. (1979 to 2015) Philosophy Optional Past Papers (Not Topic Wise)    Click Here
8. Philosophy Optional – Topic Wise Past 10 years Mains Questions By Mitras IAS  Click to Download
Complete Drive For Philosophy Optional    Click here to Download

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